Commercial & Industrial Removals

Commercial and Industrial Removals

Commercial and industrial removals are something that we can handle. We specialise in all types of moves such as warehouse relocations, restaurant moves, retail relocations and more. Our team has experience moving unique items, such as cooking equipment, pallet racking, industrial machinery and more. We can provide a full suite of services, from item dismantling to installation on the other end, packing and wrapping of all items, boxing up smaller items. If you prefer to save some money, you can prepare as much as possible, ready for our team and to pack and take to your new residence.

If you have a lot of items to move, we can come out and do a no-obligation free quote to see what resources are required to make the move happen correctly and efficiently.

Our Rates

Van (suitable for very small office moves)

1 man and a van – $70 per hour, no call out fee, fully insured

Van (suitable for very small office moves)

2 man and a van – $120 per hour, no call out fee, fully insured

Small truck up to 4.5 tonne (suitable for small to medium office moves)

2 men and a small truck – $130 per hour, no call out fee, fully insured

Large truck – 10-14 tonne (suitable for large office moves)

2 men and a large truck – $140 per hour, no call out fee, fully insured

Prefer to have a fixed price? We can provide this for larger jobs that may require more than 2 men and more than one truck.

Need boxes? We sell boxes starting at $4 each, or you rent boxes starting from $3 each

Why choose us?

  • No call out fee- That’s right, we are the only company that doesn’t charge a call-out fee.
  • We are fully insured- in the unlikely event that something is damaged, our insurance fully covers for any loss incurred. We also carry workers comp insurance and public liability.
  • Our team is experienced- our removalists are trained to take care of your items, from wrapping them properly, to strapping them carefully for transit, to taking care as they are moving items between rooms.
  • Pack down service- if you don’t have the time or skillset to dismantle complex furniture or workstations, our team carry all the right tools to quickly and carefully dismantle your items for transit. We can also re build on the other end
  • Boxes- If you need boxes, you can rent or buy from us. Our team can also deliver these a week prior so you can get items packed and ready for when our team arrive.
  • No hidden fees or charges- we charge a flat rate, with no fuel levies, call out fees, insurance or damage charges